The Wreckers is an opera in three acts, composed in 1904 by Ethel Smyth to a libretto by Henry Brewster. Leon Botstein conducts the first full American staging with the American Symphony Orchestra. The mid-18th century story is based on old tales of Cornish villages where the inhabitants lured passing ships onto to the rugged Atlantic coast. The religious fanatical villagers murdered the crew members and plundered the cargo, which they saw as their calling from God.

Directed by Thaddeus Strassberger

Set: Erhard Rom; Costumes: Kaye Voyce; Lighting: JAX Messenger; Hair and Makeup Design: J. Jared Janas
Performed at the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard SummerScape, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York in July 2015

Photos: Mark Costello & Chongren Fan

The Wreckers Overture from Hannah Wasileski on Vimeo.

An adaptation of Gertrude Stein's childrens book The World is Round about a girl named Rose who climbs a mountain looking for answers. This funk and folk inflected fable incorporates live music, aerial dance and acrobatic choreography.

Obie Awards 2014 winner for projection design, lighting design, and composition

Conceived, written and directed by Rachel Dickstein; Music and lyrics by Heather Christian

Presented by Ripe Time
Set: Mimi Lien; Costumes: Ilona Somogyi; Lights: Jiyoun Chang; Sound: Jane Shaw; Aeriel: Nikki Miller
Performed at BAM Fisher in Brooklyn, New York in April 2014

Photos: Yi Zhao

New York premiere of the one-man show Livin' La Vida Imelda written and performed by Filipino performance artist and political activist Carlos Celdran. He tells the story of Imelda Marcos through the architecture built during the Marcos regime.

Directed by Ralph Peña

Presented by Ma-Yi Theater Company

Set: Nick Francone; Costumes: Becky Bodurtha; Lights: Yi Zhao; Sound: Fabian Obispo
Performed at the Clurman Theater, Theater Row, New York in November 2014

Photos: Yi Zhao and Web Begole

A multimedia concert reading of Blaise Cendrars' modernist poem of the same title, printed in 1913 in the form of an accordion book with illuminations by the painter Sonia Delaunay. The book was claimed to be the first simultaneous art work, in which color and word were to be absorbed as one and the same. The projections created a visual score that became intertwined with the music and text. Set to the original composition by Matthew Suttor, based on a translation by Timothy Young.

Directed by Liz Diamond; featuring actor Max Gordon Moore and the Jasper String Quartet with clarinetist Ashley William Smith

Lights: Yi Zhao, Sound: Liz Atkinson
Performed at the Off-Broadway Theatre in New Haven in October 2013

Photos: Yi Zhao

A performance for string sextet and projections with the music of Arnold Schoenberg in which the visuals illuminate the score and play in duet with the musicians. Staged in an immersive environment, the music and the projections become seamlessly interwoven.

Conceived and created by Hannah Wasileski

Musicians: Hen-Shuo Steven Chang (Violin I), Hye Jin Koh (Violin II), Victor Fournelle-Blain (Viola I), Leonard Chiang (Viola II), Andrew Hayhurst (Cello I), Christopher Hwang (Cello II)

Music Director: Michael Friedmann
Lighting: Nina Hyun Seung Lee
Performed at the Yale School of Drama, New Haven, Connecticut in April 2013

This production of Tennessee Williams' greatest tragedy interrogates the corrosive power of the American dream. The live-feed projections create an eavesdropping into situations and interactions happening beyond the main acting space as well as provide nuanced close-up images of the actors expressions and gestures that are vivid, dreamlike (or nightmare-like), and more penetrating than what can be observed with the naked eye.

Directed by Charlotte Brathwaite

Set: Wiki Lo; Costumes: Kristin Isola; Lights: Nina Hyun Seung Lee; Sound: Liz Atkinson
Performed at the Iseman Theater, New Haven, Connecticut in December 2010

Photos: T. Charles Erickson

This play chronicles the remarkable thirty-year friendship between two of the most celebrated and honored American poets of the 20th century: Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. Dear Elizabeth is a lyrical portrait of two lives that unfold in letters.

World Premiere: By Sarah Ruhl, Directed by Les Waters

Set: Adam Rigg; Costumes: Maria Hooper; Lights: Russell Champa; Sound: Bray Poor
Performed at the Yale Repertory Theater, New Haven, Connecticut in December 2012, and at Berkeley Repertory Theater, California in May 2013

The Strange Tale of Pigeons comes from the collection of 18th century Chinese supernatural folk tales, The Strange Tales of Liaozhai, compiled by scholar Pu Songling. This story is depicted through hand-painted animations created on a Buddha Board, projected onto four tall, scroll-like screens, with accompaniment of an original score by composer/musician Jane Wang performed on two toy pianos; narration by Richard Chang. The work was staged alongside Hanne Tierney's several hundred feet of Chinese silks, bamboo poles and lanterns performing the story of Yingning.

Performed at the HERE Arts Center, NYC, in September 2012

Photos: Yi Zhao

Gertrude Stein’s take on the Faust legend, contemporized by director Lileana Blain-Cruz. A world consumed by technology, bathed in artificial light, and haunted by images of the past that we too often confuse with the future. The projections worked closely with the set, sound, lighting and actors to create an interactive environment of color, texture, and movement. They responded to the characters on stage and transformed the landscape of the playing space.

Directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz

Set: Adam Rigg; Costumes: Jayoung Yoon; Lights: Masha Tsimring; Sound: Liz Atkinson
Performed at the Iseman Theater, New Haven, Connecticut in October 2011

Photos: T. Charles Erickson

A four-screen video installation that deconstructs and re-composes Schubert's Death and the Maiden, performed by a virtual string quartet.

Conceived and created by Hannah Wasileski

Violin I: Hannah Wasileski, Violin II: James McKenzie, Viola: Mary Kelly, Cello: Rob Lewis

Performed at Grand Parade, Brighton, 2007; The Video Art Gallery, London, 2007; and the National Review of Live Art Festival, Glasgow, 2008

VIRTUOSIC Work in Progress: Video Trio

A video trio exploring the interplay of the real and the virtual, as the projected performers interact with physical violins in the installation space.